We are always looking for motivated man and woman who has a passion for lawyering as a member of an integrated team.

Haiwen professionals:

  • welcome intellectual challenges;
  • are always team players;
  • communicate effectively;
  • offer practical solutions to problems;
  • perform with creativity and dedication; and
  • value professionalism and respect diversity.

Oral and written proficiency in English is preferred.

Please contact us by sending your resume to and indicate the location of the office to apply for.

Your resume should cover the following: (i) your academic records for each semester at undergraduate and/or graduate school, (ii) your grade point average and your ranking in your class, (iii) your scores on the public English test or any other English competency test, (iv) whether you have passed the judicial examination test, (v) scholarships or other awards, (vi) a list of extracurricular or social activities, and (vii) other information that you believe will help your application.

We look forward to hearing from you.