• BIAN Hao

    BIAN Hao

    Scope of business:M&A, Capital market,Compliance

    Languages:Chinese, English

  • CAO Yu

    CAO Yu

    Scope of business:Entertainment, Media, Corporate Investment/Finance

    Languages:Chinese, English, Japanese

  • DAI Wenzhen

    DAI Wenzhen

    Scope of business:Mergers and Acquisitions, PE investment, Capital Market, general corporate

    Languages:Chinese, English

  • DU Ning

    DU Ning

    Scope of business:M&A, General Corporate, Securities Offerings

    Languages:Chinese, English

  • FANG Xiajun

    FANG Xiajun

    Scope of business:Capital Market, M&A, Corporate

    Languages:Chinese, English

  • FU Yan

    FU Yan

    Scope of business:Capital Market, Real Estate, PE/VC, M&A, General Corporate

    Languages:Chinese, English

  • Peng FU

    Peng FU

    Scope of business:Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Intellectual Property

    Languages:Chinese, English

  • GAO Wei

    GAO Wei

    Scope of business:Capital Markets transactions, M&A and General Corporate

    Languages:Chinese, English

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